Discover the sensational course of Peak to Creek!

Peak to Creek is the endless ski run of Bormio!

The unique features of the race Peak to Creek and its course

  • 1,787-m vertical drop!
  • 8-km length
  • start Cima Bianca – 3,012 meters
  • finish Bormio – 1,225 meters
  • shivering gradient, max. 60 %!
  • only 30 directional gates, for a downhill style alpine race!
  • technical spots on the famous Stelvio slope, house of the Downhill Alpine Ski World Cup race

race course peak to creek

Peak to Creek’s course

  1. Start by the highest point of the ski area, Cima Bianca (3,012 m)
  2. Right turn on Ferrari slope
  3. Conca Valbella (2,527 m)
  4. Praimont slope until juncture with Sant’Ambrogio slope
  5. Sant’Ambrogio slope
  6. Praimont slope by ski lift Rocca Est (zone so called Bruciato)
  7. Canalino nuovo
  8. Stelvio slope
  9. Diagonal Carcentina (the real one, where World Cup champs pass by so fast)
  10. Piana del Ciuk (1,638 m)
  11. Wall of San Pietro (maximum gradient: 60 %; 1,550 m)
  12. Stelvio slope all the way to Bormio  (1,225 m)

Peak to Creek’s course: the Go Pro video!

All the 1,800 meters of vertical drop filmed in this spectacular video shot in 2012 with a Go Pro. The images are really incredible!


  • Matteo Sangiorgio (2nd place in 2012)
  • Federico Formenti (1st place in 2012).

Take a look!